I’m Going To Rehab

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I’m gonna come clean.  I’m a addict and I need rehab.

This drug has wreaked havoc on my body.

I yearn for it, I spend money on it and I’ve imbibed in it in secret.  I feel like I’ve lost control and I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!

Paparazzi are following me around trying to get pictures of me sneaking to get my fix. I’ve gone off the deep end Twerkin’ no…Jonesin’ for my lifeblood.  I swerve in my $180,000 Maserati racing toward my dealer taking lessons from The Bieber in how to escape the cameras (Ok that’s not true. I don’t have a Maserati, I don’t drive erractically and my hair is neither short nor blonde…except for that one summer when I used “Sun In” but that was a very long time ago.)

“Hello, my name is James and I’m a Starbucksaholic.”

starbucks-coffeeI am addicted to Starbucks Soy Chai Tea Lattes!  That spicy warm taste of Tazo Chai mixed with Hot Soy milk on a cold day does that certain thing to me that’s almost unspeakable.  It’s a little heaven in a cup.

I’ve tried to stay away I’ve even taken to making a mock Tazo Chai at home in my own kitchen.  But nothing works. I knew it had to stop when I walked into five different Starbucks in three different states and by the time I’d reached the counter to order, the Barista in each of these establishments already had MY drink sitting, waiting for me at the register with my name fully emblazoned on the side of the cup in black sharpie marker.

They know me.  This is insane!

There must be a support group somewhere…a Starbucks Anonymous 12 Step Program.  Is there anyone out there who is a “Friend Of Howard’s?

r-HOWARD-SCHULTZ-POLITICS-large570Ok this is all in jest…or is it?  Like many people out there I’ve spent many a day, sometimes twice and three times a day racing to get my Starbucks drink.  But here’s what I’ve come to know and come to realize.

Soy…ain’t good for men.  It mimics estrogen and can create Man Boobs for cryin’ out loud!  Plus 85% of Soy is genetically modified!  Holy Crap!  And the amount of sugar in those drinks is astounding.

soy1Look, let’s be honest here.  I am a BIG fan of Starbucks.  I think the business model is incredible and I admire the sustainability of the company (due in no short part to the worlds addiction to Caffeine).  But in the end the reality is that many of those drink are not good for the body. They become like drugs sending us down the spiral of a food addiction of sorts.  Everyone makes their choices in life and I have chosen to forgo my Chai Tea SOY Latte.

I’ll never be able to really lose the remaining layer of blubber…that’s right BLUBBER that I have until I do.  I’m now down over 27 lbs from the start of this new confidential program I’ve been on and I’m going to lay down the glove to men between the ages of 40 and 80 who have fat they want to lose.  Ladies…I’m sorry but for the time being I’m going with what I know.

The program I’m now on is confidential, yes that’s what I said.  I’m not kidding. I’ve actually signed a Non-Disclosure agreement before being allowed to go through the pilot program.  People have been asking me exactly what it is that I’ve been doing to lose so much weight so quickly and in such a healthy way.

I can’t disclose the project at this time but what I can tell you is that it’s the:

Only Weight Loss Method Clinically Proven To Release 3 times More Weight Than Just Dieting.

And in a safe way.

Even though I talked about Cross Fit and Paleo…there is something that I haven’t told you, something that makes all the difference in the world and it’s what I’ve just revealed above.  Stay tuned to the blog and the whole thing will be revealed in time.

That said, if you’re a man 40-80 years old who has some weight (ok guys let’s be honest here: FAT) that you’d like to lose then I’m talking to you. I’m looking for 20 men to step up and go on this program with me.  You can be anywhere in the US but you’ll have to make a commitment to me at the outset and set aside any preconceived notions of a weight loss or diet program, even if you’ve done one that failed before.


We’ll be on group calls every week working together to make your goals a reality.  If you’re interested fill out the comment box below, send me your information and you’ll be sent details on the program once you opt in.

This is the final piece of the puzzle that has taken me all the way past doubt to success.

Step up…Change Your Life.

Here’s a link to a book about the Dangers of Sugar.  Take a look.


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