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What gets you motivated in your life everyday? I’ve read a ton of motivational books, I attend seminars and I take part in online course work that helps me focus on my goals and achieving them.

I think it’s important for everyone to have some sort of external motivation outside of their own inner fire. Inner fire is important, in fact it’s vital. It’s what sets successful people apart from the onlookers, the wishers, the dreamers. You see people with inner fire are doers. They are the ones that create their future no matter how they feel that day, if they’re tired, overwhelmed, under funded or excited and energetic.

At the end of the day you are responsible for you and EVERYTHING that happens to you. You can point fingers, you can blame others or the system or the job market or your significant other…but when the buck stops all eyes are on you. More importantly your eyes are on you. You are the creator of your destiny, the arbiter of all things you. You write your future.

It’s kind of exciting when you think about it. What if you could have anything you wanted, achieve any dream and goal that you’ve set. Well guess what…you can. It’s up to you and that inner fire baht burns inside. But you have to DO in order to HAVE.

Stop doing what you hate, do the things that make you happy. Will there be some hard work involved…hell yes. But that hard work and dedication are what will pay off in the end. And if you’re doing what you love instead of doing what you “have” to that hard work will seem like a blessing.

So turn off the noise. Stop listening to those who tell you “you can’t” “you won’t” “You’ll never.” Because I’m telling you YOU CAN! You WILL! You’ll ALWAYS! Keep that inner fire burning and know YOUR truth.

It’s why I listen, read and study other successful people. In fact I’ve asked some of the most successful entrepreneurs I’ve met and the ALL continue to study and take part in some sort of mindset/motivation/education to help them grow not only as business people but as individuals.

As example of this Check out www.GrantCardone.com or follow him on Twitter @GrantCardone

Grant is not only a good friend but one of the most successful people I know both personally and professionally. His passion has helped me to develop a brand new online platform that we will be launching focusing on helping people achieve their goals and dreams. I love to help others and this new platform will allow me to do that on a very large scale. I think you’re going to like it.

Stay Strong and THRIVE!

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