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I lost 34.6 lbs in 8 weeks with no exercise. Yes…no exercise.  At the age of 47 I reached the same weight I was in high school.

The program I participated in is called 3X Fat Loss. It’s based on a double blind clinical study.  It’s healthy, I ate real food, didn’t starve myself, no crazy diet pills, no hormones, no HCG. It’s completely natural and homeopathic.

Let me first state clearly here that although this is a business I am not being paid a fee to endorse this program. Putting my name to something or getting behind a program is not something I take lightly.

I went through the entire program just as everyone else did and the results I got were incredible. It helped to change my life and I want to share that help with others.

Me at 221 lbs before the 3X Fat Loss Program


So here’s my story in a nutshell. 2 years ago I woke up one day, weighed myself and saw that I had gained over 30 pounds. I was shocked. I kept asking myself how this happened?

For those of you who know me…I’m a health freak. I worked out everyday but try as I might no matter what I did I could not keep the weight off. I would drop 2 to 3 pounds and put it back on, then take it off, then put it back on. I felt helpless.


Here’s a little secret I kept… I lost the sense of pride I once had in myself. I was embarrassed to take my shirt off at the pool or at the beach. You see my excuse…in my mind I was being selfless. I was working my butt off doing anything and everything I could to provide for my family while simultaneously rationalizing myself into bad health because “I didn’t have the time” to eat right, exercise, etc, all due to my responsibilities.


And then it hit me. I had a revelation. It smacked me like a a SACK OF ROCKS.

What if I wasn’t HERE to take care of my family? Who would be there then to provide for them?

I wasn’t being SELF-LESS…I was being SELF-ISH. Here’s what I realized. If I kept going this way what would happen to me? What would my blood sugar level be? What about diabetes, heart attack…stroke?

It was a blunt reality and it scared the living day lights out of me. My choice to live the unhealthy life I had chosen was disgusted as help and it put my family at jeopardy.

That was the wake up call and THIS was my answer.


I picked up the phone and called a good friend named Tim Sales. Tim is someone with whom I would trust my life and the lives of my family and I mean this literally. As I mentioned above he’s a former elite athlete and members of the US Navy Special Forces.


221 lbs to 186 lbs in 60 days on the 3X Fat Loss Program For Men with no exercise.

I downloaded to Tim everything that was going on and when I finished all he invited me to join the beta test of a Fat Loss Program called 3X Fat Loss he had just created. The same program that is now available to you.

He gave me a LIFELINE and I took it. I joined what Tim now calls Team 1 and you can see the results on the left. 221 lbs to 186 lbs in just 60 days.
The tools are in place and the results are proven. If you’re ready to make those changes in your life click this link now. You owe it to yourself.


Start your journey to your healthy future. Your health is too important to put on the back burner especially when YOU CAN do something to Change It Now.

Get private access to the 3x Fat Loss Presentation here.

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