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51734daeb61fe_imageI had an amazing day today.  We took our daughters to the EquestFest in Los Angeles.  As the Tournament Of Roses Website Describes it:

“Equestfest presented by Wells Fargo is a family-friendly event showcasing many of the equestrian units that will participate in the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day. This year marks the 25th annual Equestfest and the 125th Rose Parade. Beautiful horses and talented riders perform drills and dances, and demonstrate trick riding and roping.” 

What was amazing about it (although I do wish it was a little more action packed) was the diversity of people attending and performing at the event.  One of our favorite acts was The All American Cowgirl Chicks.  My daughters absolutely loved them. This is a team of female stunt riders or trick riders that will absolutely blow you away.


And more over one of the main trick riders is a breast cancer survivor. The Girls “Ride For A Cure” which is very important to me.  I lost both of my parents to Cancer and I’m sure all of you have, in some way, been touched by this horrible disease.  These women are pretty amazing at what they do…just take a look at this video by clicking the link below.

Cowgirl Chicks

And so as we head into 2014 just a two days away…I urge you once again to think about what you will do differently this year and then do it everyday. Laying one brick does not make a house. We must keep building, layer upon layer creating a strong and solid foundation on which our structure will sit.

Build your foundation by taking action everyday.  You will most certainly face adversity…that means you’re probably doing something right.  Pretty soon you’ll see that one brick placed each day has become that house.

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