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i canWhat did you do this morning?  Did you wake up hung over?  Tired from a long night of partying?  Or did you wake up ready to attack 2014 with gusto?

My friend Grant Cardone wrote a great blog this past morning which I’m going to link it at the bottom of the page. It’s a fairly short one page post that I encourage you to read.  He talks about many of the points that I’ve brought up over the past few weeks in terms of commitment and discipline in reaching your goals.

Look, today in reality is no different than any other day.  And the reality is most of us are no different than we were yesterday.  The James Barbour that went to sleep last night is in essence the same guy who woke up today.  I am me. Nothing changed because the date changed.

Or maybe it did.  I get motivated pretty easily, very easily in fact.  So when there’s an extra added incentive, BAM it hits me and I go into massive action.  That’s what the New Year does to me.

See the trick lies in the doing of something.  If we commit to ourselves that we will DO something and actually DO it, take the steps and follow through to the completion of that action…THEN something happens.  We’ve done something, we’ve completed something.  We stayed discipline enough to have a product at the end of our work. If not then that goal slips away into the ether.

It could be as simple as making breakfast to as complicated as starting a business.  How many times have you said that you were going to do something, start it and then stop in the middle of it never to complete it?  Oh you might look at that unfinished manuscript on your computer as a “work in progress” (for the past 10 years) but really what it is, is an undisciplined approach to one of your goals.  It’s an incomplete action.

We all have them, I have them, you have them.  Doesn’t matter what they are or how big they are…we’ve got them.  The question I ask myself is “How important is it to me that I get this done?”  When the pain of not doing something outweighs the pain of doing it…then something changes.  But why the hell wait for the pain?  I hate pain.

We’ve got to confront the things we might otherwise avoid, our weight, our health our finances, whatever.  And only by confronting them, looking at them straight in the eye will we see truth of them.  Only then can we DO something about it for ONLY then can we see it for what it is.  Once we do that, we can take the steps to change it.

Stay disciplined, stay on track, stay committed to you goals and the goals will be yours.

Let’s work together in 2014 to make this a better place.  Leave some comments and let me know what you want to change.


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