Lipstick, Lolipops and Highheels

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No BS people, I’ve lost over 30 pounds in the past month and a half.  I’ll admit it, I’ve even stopped Cross Fit for the time being.  In fact I stopped it over a month ago when I got hit with a pretty big reality.

My body was too heavy to carry the weight I was lugging around while doing those intense exercises.  Don’t get me wrong, I was doing them and I was changing my body but my joints started hurting.  No matter how you slice it, that extra weight was not good on my bones. So I had to change something. And change something I did.

I’m in the midst of a confidential pilot health program (no I’m not making it up) I had to sign a confidentiality agreement before I could participate in the pilot program of this thing.  I CAN tell you that it’s focused on men 40-80 who have weight to lose.  I can also tell you that I haven’t exercised since being on this program and I went from 226lbs to 192.8 (as of the morning that I’m writing this blog). That’s a total of 33.2 pounds.

It’s funny, I was at the Drama League Gala for Neil Patrick Harris on Monday night (which was an incredible event by the way).  Here’s a photo from the press line courtesy of


That’s Cady Huffman, Eddie Korbich, Paige Price, Me and Marc Kudsich.   Anyway, during the rehearsals in the afternoon one of my colleagues was rehearsing and afterward i went up to her to give her a “hello” and she did a double take.  We hadn’t seen each other since ANNA NICOLE and she turned to me and said.  “Oh my god I almost didn’t recognize you.”  She couldn’t believe how much my body had changed.  I looked younger and I was certainly a lot thinner.

I’m a tall guy so carrying extra weight kinda gets hidden a bit, but there is a massive difference in how I am now.  This is more weight than I lost for A TALE  OF TWO CITIES (I dropped 26lbs for that show) and I was doing at least 45 minutes of cardio everyday!  With this program…I’ve not exercised at all.

Am I going to exercise?  You bet your buns I am.  Now that I’ve dropped the weight and move into the next phase of this program…I’m going back to cardio and then onto some strengthening programs.  See it goes back to what I said in the beginning.  I needed to drop the extra pounds so that my body could actually respond TO the exercises I will be doing.

It’s ironic but when you look around at a typical gym there are a ton of guys who are, quite frankly, not losing a bit of weight even though they work their asses off in the gym.

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