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Hey Gang,
So for those of you who have followed me over the years you know of my passion for the arts.  One of the biggest parts of that passion is to bring great artists to the forefront from all aspects of this field.
One of those amazing innovators is a woman named Colleen Ballinger.  Colleen created a character named “Miranda”
Here’s how Colleen described the character of ‘Miranda’ to the Time of London.
“There were a lot of cocky girls who thought they were really talented and they weren’t.  They were so rude and snotty, it drove me nuts. Then I saw all these girls trying to make a career out of putting videos on YouTube…clueless to the fact that they were terrible. The characters were so ridiculous, I wanted to make one of my own.”

At first the “Miranda videos were meant to be an inside joke” among Ballinger’s friends. in March of 2009, she uploaded a video called “Free Voice Lesson” that quickly became a sensation.  The video is an absurdist compilation of advice that voice teachers would warn students to avoid.  As the videos became popular, Ballinger modified the character to draw negative comments on YouTube:  “People would make fun of my hair, and I made it worse. …I took what people hated and exaggerated it more in the next video.”


On a personal note, she has now become somewhat of an icon for the Anti-Bullying movement which is of personal importance to me since I was  in fact, bullied as a child.


She has over 50 Million views on YouTube and that has set the standard for her success.

Well I’ve filmed Miranda’s hilarious show from world famous Birdland Jazz Club and will be airing it on www.VoiceAmerica.tv TOMORROW all day.  The event is only $5.97 and if you like off the wall comedy you’ll LOVE this.
Log on and tune in…I think you might just have some fun!
Here’s a link to order the show: CLICK HERE
It will be available all day but it’s a ONE DAY ONLY event so don’t miss it!


And another link to a great article about the show from: BROADWAYWORLD.com

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