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I think it’s time we start spreading some good news don’t you?

Help is a super simple concept yet sometimes hard to do and moreover to accept. Things get in the way of helping, lack of time, lack of money, fear and even pride.

But help is something I think we can all agree changes the world. If you had a flat tire and had never changed a tire before, wouldn’t you welcome help?

If you saw someone in need wouldn’t it do you and them a world of good to just reach out and help?

Sure it would. Even in the crazy world we currently live in we can help someone, virtually, on the phone, via FaceTime or What’sApp. We can reach out on Social Media even host a Zoom call that has no other purpose than to help.

I have found that helping others only makes my life better. And here’s the thing, here’s the realization I had that is part of my core belief. No matter who they are, what they’ve been through and even if this person was mean to you or created some problem for you in the past, people are basically good. Helping others despite their circumstance in life creates a better environment.

We all want to live in a world filled with happiness and joy and peace and prosperity. If you asked a parent in Oklahoma and a parent in South Korea what each wanted for their children I’m pretty certain the answers would be similar. To live in a world filled with love, a world filled with optimism, prosperity, a world filled with people helping people.

So I encourage you to help someone today even if that’s in the form of a phone call to say hello. The simplest things can make a mountain of difference.

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