The Secret Sauce for Artists

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There’s a very simple tool I found to help artists expand and they rarely use it. It’s a hidden gem, a secret, if you will that has been sitting under your nose for years. In fact you see this secret tool everyday but have probably never put it to use in your career. It’s in use by Amazon, Apple, and almost every single business of which you’ve ever been a patron.

The reason you don’t use it is because you were never taught the secrets of marketing that are used everyday by thousands of professional entrepreneurs and business around the world.

What’s the secret?

The Power of a List.

What’s that? you might say. A list is a very simple record of contact information (emails, phone numbers, addresses etc.) that you have as part of your business, fan base, contacts. Did you know that statistically one email is worth a minimum of $10 per year in revenue (and some studies say up to $19).

Why is this important? Well I go into depth on this in my book The Artist’s Survival Guide (you can grab a free chapter here) but the bottom line comes down to simple math.

If you have a list of 1000 emails of people who follow and like you, your artistic creations and endeavors, those 1000 people are more likely to buy something from you. So simple math tells us that if you promote a product (say a concert) at $50 a ticket and each one of those people bought a ticket you would have made $50,000 by just sending out an email promoting your concert.

And this works in today’s virtual world. Your product could be a photograph, a painting, a short film, a virtual concert on and on and on. Just move the numbers around and you’ll see why I call this the POWER of a list.

Start creating and start capturing emails and build your list. As you do you’ll also be building your future.

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