The Starving Artist

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How often have you heard the phrase Starving Artist? I know I’ve personally heard it hundreds of times.

Throughout my career there were people who used to throw that phrase at me. Upon meeting me they’d ask what I did for a living. I would respond “I’m an actor” and then they would retort with little laugh and say “Oh yeah, what restaurant do you work at?”

I would stare at them blankly and repeat, “I’m an actor, not a waiter.” This would often catch them off guard and then would come that all too familiar line, “Oh, you’re a starving artist.”

It wouldn’t take long for them to understand that this was not the case. I would take the time and educate them on the plight of artists and the fact that simply because someone has a job to earn income does not mean that that specific job defines who they are.

Communication, to me, is a solvent. Communicating in a way that other people can see your viewpoint and moreover you can see theirs goes a long way to creating understanding and a mutual respect despite any differences that may exist.

I’ve been fortunate to make the majority of my living as a performing artist but there were times when that was not the case. I had to do other things to make ends meet so that I could pursue the dreams and goals I had set forth in front of me. And now, more that ever, this is true for artists around the world all at the same time.

In response to this unprecedented situation I wrote a book to help artists understand the road map to create residual and sustainable income with their art WITHOUT the need for someone to hire them. Moreover they can implement these tools and keep them going even when they have a regular artistic gig.

It’s called: The Artist’s Survival Guide and I’m giving away a free chapter of the book. Just click here: to download it. The cool part is that once you grab the chapter I’m also going to add you to my free Artist’s newsletter where I share some secrets to creating sustainable income as an artist.

It’s time to take control back and unleash your true potential as an artist. Your destiny is waiting.

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