Unexpected Storms

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Tree in a snow blizzard with dramatic clouds, heavy wind, and blowing snow

It’s the first day of Spring and we found ourselves in a small snow storm here in the east.

Everyone around us was certain that the bad weather was behind us and the warm temperatures had arrived.  But things don’t always work as as we plan.

This parallels our lives.  We plan, take the steps toward our goals and then much like that unexpected storm, something pops up that we were not planning for and creates an unforeseen “obstacle.”

Do you duck and cover, run away from the snow and rain just because you’re getting wet and it’s a little cold outside?  Of course not.  We keep marching forward toward our target. If you’re driving cross country and the road detours do you just sit there at the fork in the road and not take the alternate route?  Well sometimes that alternate route is unclear.  It’s not mapped out and THAT’S where the fun comes in. We need to think of these storms not as “obstacles” as opportunities.

What can we learn from them, how can we navigate them and even can we use what they’ve placed in front of us to better ourselves, our lives and our businesses.  Find the alternate route or routes to your destination.

Life is life. Make of it want you want rather than it making something of you.

YOU are in control of YOU.

See that, know that, feel that…and those storms that seem dark and impenetrable today will yield a silver lining tomorrow.

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