Weekend Warriors

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Perhaps because I’ve spend my career in the theatre I’ve never looked at working on the weekends as anything other than normal. Theatrical performers work 6 days a week 365 days year (one day off a week) with one week off every 6 months (should you wish to take that week).

It takes quite a bit of stamina to do this kind of gig and the reality is that I’ve never really changed my work schedule, even when I wasn’t doing a show. This mindset, this lifestyle gave me a discipline of sorts to continually strive to create.

I want to be clear here that I’m not saying I work 24/7 without any breaks or time off for myself and for my family, but what I am saying is that I work until a project is completed and it doesn’t matter what day of the week or even what time it is. I just keep moving forward until it’s done.

One of the great things about this is that I’ve been able to accomplish a great deal, create many projects and that has given me the extra ability to take breaks when I want, how I want and for the most part go where I want.

It has created freedom and stability for me as an artist an entrepreneur and as a husband and father.

I’ve been told I work too hard, don’t take enough time off, need to focus on relaxing. I’ll tell you something, I’m never happier than when I’m with my family and working on something I love. I push myself harder and harder with each new project because I absolutely LOVE what I do.

I’m not telling you to work the way I do or keep the hours someone else does, or compare yourself to another who does something else. What I am suggesting is that you find something that you absolutely LOVE doing and DO IT!

Why spend your life creating something that you’re not passionate about or not 100% dedicated to creating? When you find that thing you love to do then I promise you you’ll want to spend as many hours a day doing that thing as you possibly can.

That is freedom.

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